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CC3 - with Shadow Gaps

CC3 - with Shadow Gaps

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CC3 - with Shadow Gaps Video

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  • Product ref: CC3
  • Material type: Plain, Perforated, Patterned with GA pattern code or special pattern
  • Flat bar cover fillet: Yes / No?
  • Visible plain border dimensions, vertical & horizontal
  • Surface finish: Anodised, satin brushed, powder coated, mill
  • Height & diameter of semi-circle
  • Shape other than semi-circular:
    Sketch and other details

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GA Processing

Column Casings Fixing Instructions

Please use the links below for fixing instructions on any of our Column Casings products.

Ver T Fix - Independent test results:

Wind Load Positive Pressure - FP* = 3.23kPa
(equates to wind speed of 162mph)
Wind Load Negative Pressure - FP* = 0.65kPa
(equates to wind speed of 72mph)

The above results show Ver T Fix performance levels comfortably exceeding any internal air pressures that are likely to be encountered in buildings.

FP* = Failure Pressure

For more detailed results click here.