Gooding Aluminium Test Results | Panel-Fix Wall Panel Fixing System

Panel-Fix Wall Panel Fixing System

Test Methods

Load capacity tests were carried out on the GA WP1 and GA WP2 Wall Panel Fixing systems to determine the ultimate load capacity of the systems.

The Wall Panel Fixing systems consist of two J-section strips of aluminium alloy, one of which, inverted, is screwed to the rear of the panel and the other to the supporting structure. The inverted section fixed to the rear of the panel then slots into the section to support the panel.

The test was carried out by fixing one length of section to a length of angle securely fixed to the laboratory floor. The other section was fixed to a second length of angle bolted to a length of studding passing through a hollow hydraulic ram and load cell supported by a portal frame. The output from the load cell was recorded by means of a datalogger.

Test Report No. BT07725TGE issued by CERAM Research Limited

Load was increased steadily until failure occurred. The maximum loads achieved are given in Table 16.

Items supplied for testing:

  • GA WP1 600mm long (6 samples)
  • GA WP2 600mm long (6 samples)

Table 16: Load Capacity of GA Panel-Fix Wall Panel Fixing Systems

Sample Type Sample Number Failure Load (kN)
WP1 1 14.81
2 16.95
3 17.40
Mean 16.39
WP2 1 6.67
2 7.11
3 5.89
Mean 6.56

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