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'The completed installation was impressive as the quality was clear to all... (900 no. WC2 aluminium wall cladding panels)'

David Hennigan (Architect), SLP Engineering Ltd

'As an architect I have been specifying Gooding Aluminium for as long as I can remember. If only all companies I deal with in the architectural world were so helpful and efficient as yourselves, my professional life would be far more enjoyable!'

Margot Christel Wanten, MCW Architecture

'Thanks again for your contribution in successfully realizing this important part of the project. (Pimlico School)'

Andrew Turner, architecture plb

'...this website is the easiest to use I've come across in dealing with architectural products. Means Gooding is the firm to use.'

David Holmes, Aedas Architects

'Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future.'

Craig McClymont, The Highland Council

'Many thanks for your prompt quote - you must be a well organised operation!'

Bill Greensmith, BGA Architects

'All here thank you for the great service'

Tomas Dallos, Best Builders Ltd

'...I would like to thank you for these aluminium materials and the help offered'

Naomi Wooten-Pineles, Huddersfield University

'Following the success of the aluminium stair trims on St. Davids 2 in Cardiff we have the possibility of another project involving your products.'

Pete Bowden, Stone Cladding International

'Your aluminium samples are inspiring!!!'

Inga G., Carpentry Designs

'So once again thank you for your service and commitment to good workmanship.'

Kevin Lomax, Lomax Joinery

'...I am impressed with what you have to offer'

Mike Turner, 2020 Knowsley

'I thought it would be quite a problem ordering aluminium sheet from overseas but your Company has been on the ball this whole time.'

Megan McDevitt, Obayashi Corp. (USA)

'Scottish Ballet are absolutely delighted with the acoustic aluminium ceiling trays that you manufactured...they look great...'

Clive Albert, Malcolm Fraser Architects

'Thanks for your help at all stages and look forward to working with you again'

Davie Ross, A J Engineering & Construction Services Ltd

'I would also like to thank you for your service on this project; it has been good to deal with you'

Leisl Heath, Aliwood UK

'I came across your website looking for aluminium extrusions and was very impressed.'

Matt Ayres, Campbell Scientific Ltd

'...Our client was delighted. Once again please accept our thanks for all of your efforts'

Bill Quinan, A G Brown Ltd

'...The final result has been very well received by our customer. A first class job...'

Peter Stewart, The Map Group

'Thank you for the quality of service provided'

M J Hurley, Exhibit Works (USA)

'BTW - you have a fantastic website, well done for setting up such a professional, easy to navigate site'

Lalit Choda, Morgan Stanley

'Much impressed with the clarity of your website.'

Ron Myers, Deane & Amos

'Friendly and informative staff on the phone'

Blair Smith, Traves James Architects

'We use your aluminium products in fitness clubs and find your service second to none'

Mark Coleman, Admiral Construction Services

'Thank you for having in place a very user friendly web site'

Scott Waldon, Peter Wood and Partners Architects

'Thank you for the information and your help with this project'

Chris Bonham, C. A. Duquemin Ltd

'Your aluminium products are exceptional.'

Bajo Adebule, Re-Signs Ventures (Nigeria)

'Thanks for the quick turnaround'

David Chambers, Westport Property & Construction

'WOW! What a super range'

Andrew Gisby, Apton Partitioning

'Very good website and staff'

Glenn Long, Spp group Ltd

'Excellent aluminium products, have been specifying over the last three companies I’ve worked for'

Andy Gray, Cod Steaks Ltd

'The website is excellent.'

Oliver Hyafil, Hoxton & Mare

'…I won’t hesitate to use your aluminium products in the future'

Graham Lomas, Torbay Signs

'Very informative website'

Elizabeth Keenan, EMK Interiors

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