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Textured (Embossed) Aluminium Sheet

These contemporary textured aluminium sheet patterns (Axis and Vertex)) have a certain 'must touch' quality about them.

With superior impact resistance and the ability to mask scratches and blemishes these highly decorative and practical aluminium embossed sheet designs are widely used on doors, counter fronts and other vertical cladding applications.

Features - Benefits:

  • Textured surface - Avoidance of undesirable reflections
  • Embossed designs - Increased torsional strength and rigidity
  • Close pattern spacing - Masking of scratches and blemishes
  • Tactile quality - Good for the visually impaired
  • Pattern one side only - Easily bonded to flat surfaces
  • Anodised option - Satin finish with high optical performance
  • Mill and Anodised from stock - Immediate availability

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