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You can stay on the 'straight and narrow' with our extruded aluminium alloy Squeeze Frames.

For added strength and rigidity all perforated our Squeeze Frame Aluminium Panels are produced by the 5 Star Fabrication Team with a plain (imperforate) border that sits inside the aluminium frame recess. Independent test results show significantly improved performance with this method of fabrication.

By utilising the ‘close tolerance’ alloy extrusion process in producing these aluminium profiles, the much dreaded ‘rippling or bowing’ effect of folded aluminium sheet trims can be avoided. You’ll also experience a stronger and straighter aluminium product, giving a more professional finished appearance.

For your panels choose from our diverse range of perforated sheets that can be supplied in mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

- Benefits

  • Extruded material - Closer tolerances with a consistent gap width and leg length
  • Economic - Free of the aluminium profile forming element
  • Manufactured in aluminium alloy - Higher tensile strength and rigidity
  • Maximum flexibility - Can be rolled and curved to shape
  • Weldable corners - Added joint strength (weld beads cleaned off flush by the GA Processing Team)
  • Ready fit service – GA can apply these aluminium profile trims to any of our aluminium perforated sheets
  • Surface finished - Can be supplied with a powder coated or non-directional satin brushed effect
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Wakefield & District Housing
Wakefield & District Housing


GA Squeeze Frames

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