Aluminium Framed Panels - GA Posi-Grip 'Instant Access' Framing

Aluminium Framed Panels - GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Framing

There are some things that serve a really useful purpose but you really don’t need to see them and aluminium panel fixings are one of those! That’s where our ‘Instant Access’ Posi-Grip system comes into its own.

Sometimes an image can convey as much information as a thousand words and that’s why we’ve illustrated how this ingenious system actually works. Essentially, it’s a pressure engagement system with high quality stainless steel pins that are located in a slot at the rear of the aluminium frame profile. The pins locate into friction bushes that are set into the opening surround and these securely grip the studs.

The aluminium panels can be removed by gently levering away from the fixing surface with a flat-ended tool.

For your panels choose from our diverse range of perforated sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Our 5 Star Fabrication Team assemble these ingenious frames in double quick time!

For dimensional details please click on the images at the bottom of this page.

Land Registry: Lytham St. Annes
Land Registry: Lytham St. Annes


GA Posi-Grip Framing

We will be pleased to send you samples of these profiles upon request.

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GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Frames/Fixings Video

Watch the GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Frames/Fixings video now.

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GA Processing

Posi-Grip Instant Access - Independent test results:

Wind Load Positive Pressure - FP* = 15.00kPa
(equates to wind speed of 350mph)
Wind Load Negative Pressure - FP* = 1.48kPa
(equates to wind speed of 107mph)

The above results show Posi-Grip Instant Access performance levels comfortably exceeding any internal air pressures that are likely to be encountered in buildings.

FP* = Failure Pressure

For more detailed results click here