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Aluminium Framed Panels - GA Posi-Grip Framing

Our 5 Star Fabrication Team make getting framed with GA Posi-Grip a positive experience!

With its ‘snap-in’ inserts and dry-mitre corner joints our Posi-Grip system is the ultra professional way to frame perforated panels.

You’ll also find that strength and rigidity is provided by Posi-Grip’s single piece hollow outer frame. The inner ‘snap-in’ insert reduces the possibility of flexing while tightly gripping the aluminium sheet.

Another extremely effective Posi-Grip feature is the internally cleated corner joints, 'invisibly' pulling and tightening the aluminium frame profiles together.

For your panels choose from our diverse range of
perforated sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

GA Posi-Grip certainly satisfies the highest performance and quality standards for a secure and attractive panel framing.

Features –

  • 'Snap in' inner frame – Reduces flexing and tightly grips the aluminium panel infil
  • Weld free corners – Suitable for anodising (unlike welded corners)
  • Inner and outer frames – Increasing overall aluminium panel rigidity
  • Aluminium alloy – A high tensile material that provides increased strength
  • Internally cleated corners – ‘Invisibly’ fabricated
  • Extruded aluminium profiles – Tighter tolerances for superior technical performance
  • Hollow profile – Reduces weight & saves on cost
  • Alternative snap-in inner frames – Provides for 2mm and 1.2mm aluminium sheet
  • Held in stock – Eliminates production delays
For dimensional details please click on the profile images at the bottom of this page.

Ironbridge Museum:Shropshire
Ironbridge Museum:Shropshire


GA Posi-Grip Framing

We will be pleased to send you samples of these profiles upon request.

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